Who Is Websites For Everyone Else?

John Nowinsky

John Nowinsky

I am an Air Force brat. I went to more schools than I can count. It was tough going from one school to another. Making new friends at every new stop but no lasting friends. I would not trade the experience, though. It was a chance to see many new places that many never have the opportunity to.

I discovered computers from my dad. He was an electronic hobbyist which meant subscriptions to Popular and Radio Electronics. About the time I was about to enter high school. They came out with articles on the Altair and I was hooked on the possibilities.

I entered high school and I enrolled in a computer class. As luck would have it the school purchased 3 Apple IIs and hired a burned out IBM programmer to teach the class. This is when I realized my calling. I wanted to get into computers.

I searched for colleges and at the time the only one offering a computer program geared to business was Devry Institute of Technology. I enrolled and graduated with honors.

My career has taken me away from programming for more of the computer hardware and software support roles. My passion for programming never left, though. I taught myself HTML and CSS to build and host some music websites.

This only served to reignite my desire to return to programming. Realizing the new programming is on the internet. I enrolled in the University of Texas Boot Camp to become a full stack web developer.

I ready to help you take your WordPress website to the next level. I'm also ready to help keep your WordPress website up to date and working. Just let us know how we can help you.

Why Websites For Everyone Else?

WordPress Website Design

We take the stress out of building your WordPress website by doing all the hard work for you. Struggling with design, installation of WordPress and plugins is a thing of the past.

WordPress Website Support

We take the stress out of managing your WordPress website by doing all the hard work for you. Struggling with backups, updates, maintenance, and security is a thing of the past.

Computer, Tablet, Phone

What Makes Us Special

Mission To Delight

It’s our mission to delight our clients and provide them with professional, easy to use, smooth running and secure websites. Websites that reflect their brand and help grow and thrive their business.

  • Professional, User Friendly, Secure Website
  • Websites That Help Grow Your Business
  • Outstanding Customer Support

Dedicated & Powerful

We are a dedicated & powerful. We work flexible hours to serve you best. A small business ourselves, we know our clients by name, not by number. We love providing you peace of mind. While you follow your passion and work on growing your business, we’ll take care of your website.

  • You Are Not A Number To Us
  • We're Dedicated & Powerful
  • We Don't Do 9 to 5

We Know WordPress

Just like 30% of the internet, we think WordPress rocks! We focus on WordPress and know this superior, flexible and user-friendly content management system like the back of our hand. It powers some of the world’s biggest Brands and Names like Sony, Microsoft, Facebook… and millions of small business and personal websites!

  • Well-Established Technology
  • Works For All Businesses
  • Flexible, Grows With Your Business
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